Ghost Premium Lined Grappling Shorts

Ghost Premium Lined Grappling Shorts

After several years of development, we're proud announce the release the our new Ghost Premium Lined Grappling Shorts.

Part of design philosophy was to make a modern short with a modern fit with a modern cut. The Ghost is available in 2 inseam sizes, 5" and 7". That's considerably shorter than our Phantom, Volt and Kingpin Shorts. 

We've chosen a very light outer material that has plenty of stretch. We've also maintained a flexible gusset to add even more flexibility.

Unlike our other shorts, we've opted for a flexible, elastic waistband for added comfort. We've included in internal drawstring for a bit more security.

The standout feature on these shorts is a built in, internal liner. The liner helps keep things in place and adds a bit more privacy, especially for those that choose to wear the 5" inseam versions. 

The designs are minimal but high-end, with embroidered Nogi logos on the legs and a sublimated design on the waistband so they won’t rub off with wear.  True to the Nogi brand, style meets function with a stretch waistband that moves with your body and our signature internal drawstrings that won’t get in the way of training.

Our first shipment of Ghosts will come in New Jersey GrayNeptune BlueUltramarine BlueMerlot RedObsidian Black and Fury Green. All colors come in the 7” seam, and for our initial release, Obsidian Black and New Jersey Gray will also be available in the 5” seam. 

Available in sizes XS-4XL (28-44)

See our full range of Ghost Premium Grappling shorts here.

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