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Blue Lines Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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Nogi Industries Blue Lines long sleeve rash guard  Blue and red logo

If you thought TRON when you saw this rash guard, you know just what we were thinking when we came up with this design.  The red sleeve laser digitizes you into a cybernetic world of cool blue lines with a sleek, clean style.  You’re now Flynn, a computer file on a mission to defeat the Master Control Program (MCP) planning for global domination.  All you need to do is win a series of games and not get “de-res’d” (that’s nerd speak for deleted).  

Whether you’re facing opponents in a computer interface or a competitive fight, it’s never a straight path to get them to submit, especially if they have some tricks up their Sleeve..  But you’ve also got some of your own moves.  Maybe you fake out your opponent and make him think you’re committed to a cross choke. He’s so busy defending it he doesn’t notice you transition your foot with a knee off his belly, hop around to his head and deadlift him to take his back.  Before your opponent knows it, you’ve just Ctrl Alt Deleted him with back attacks and terminated him with a strong bow and arrow choke. Congratulations, you’ve just “de-res’d” your opponent to oblivion.  Game over. 

Blue Lines Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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5'-10", 165lbs, 38" Chest, 30" Waist. Wearing size Medium

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason ferris

Great shirt, fabric, fit aside from the collar/neck. Way too big of a crew neck and was very uncomfortable. Everything else is great

Wesley Vandenabeele

Nogi is tough,quality,comfort,i love these clothes

Jeremy Harris
Good product

Quality material and a nice design.

Geoff Bragg
So cool!

Very nice rash guard. Technically it’s great. Good compression, all around good fit. Seems well-built and sturdy. Graphics and colors are killer. Reminds me of Tron for some reason. I’ll be wearing this on the mat often!


Love the quality look and feel!