About Us - The NoGi Industries Story

Nogi Industries was born in the summer of 2003 by NHB/Mixed Martial Arts Pioneer, UFC Veteran Fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Masters NoGi World Champion, Chris “the Westside Strangler” Brennan (21-13-1).

After the UFCs early success, it entered a “dark period”. There were few Pay Per Views and lawmakers across the country had demonized the soon to be sport and were feverishly looking for it to be banned.

However, NHB/MMA was still alive and well in the underground and overseas. Organizations like Shooto, Extreme Challenge and King of Cage were giving opportunities to the early MMA pioneers a stage to fight and further develop the sport.

At this time, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as we know it was just a niche sport and only available to a select few. Chris knew value of BJJ and with his wrestling experience, he ventured to South to learn from the Brazilian masters. Chris realized that training with the Gi didn't completly prepare him for a fight in the cage and became one of the first BJJ practitioners to abandon the gi completely and train specifically NoGi.

Chris Brennan MMA NHB
But the driving force that motivated Chris to create the Nogi brand was simply the need for a durable yet stylish pair of grappling shorts with an emphasis on NoGi training.

“Sure there were fight shorts back then, but Nogi Industries shorts were the first ones that would look appropriate both on the mat, on the beach, or anywhere else.” - Budo Jake

NoGi Shorts Varieties
Not just shorts, Nogi Industries went on to make rashguards, shirts, hoodies, caps and more.

Some of the more well known supporters of the brand:

Bill Cooper Jeff Glover Josh Barnett wearing Nogi Shorts

When founder Chris Brennan moved from So Cal to Texas in 2008 to open up his “Next Generation MMA” gym, he passed the reigns on to his entrepreneurial friends Budo Jake & Budo Dave, who have ran multiple brands throughout their careers.

Nogi Industries apparel was seen prominently in the well-received web series “Glover’s Travels” - a jiujitsu travel show featuring world champ Jeff Glover.
Jeff Glover Glover's Travel Nogi
Nogi Industries is focused on creating many exciting new products and growing the grappling community. Thank you for your support!